SERIFLEX MAKAIRA − Toploading system

The SERIFLEX MAKAIRA Toploading pedicle screw system is a low-profile and easy-to-use system persuading the user with its simple installation and good handling.


It is indicated for use in the thoracic and lumbar area of the spinal column.


The screw design with the large thread flanks and a self-cutting thread ensures the absolutely exact and simple positioning of the screw.


The screw and rod range covers any common sizes. SERIFLEX MAKAIRA is a non-cannulated pedicle screw system being preferably used for open and small access.


The implants and instruments are supplied in an unsterile package and well-placed on the set. Note: Implants with sterile packaging are being prepared.


download_pfeil.png Download (PDF Product Information Sheet)

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