Best articulations with a sophisticated system: The SERIFLEX pedicle screw system can be used in manifold cases regarding the lumbar and thoracic area of the spinal column.


The SERIFLEX system is a pedicle screw system with a convincing application due to its flexible use, simplicity and stability in the configuration area. All of the configurations result in an excellent surface clamping between the screw head and rod clip or eccentric disk of the lumbar or sacral plate thereby ensuring an optimal and stable fixation.


The SERIFLEX pedicle screw system comprises polyaxial and monoaxial pedicle screws that can be used for a wide range of indications – cannulated and laterally fenestrated. Screws, such as in case of osteoporotic bones, can also be fixed with bone cement by means of the adaptable Bone Filler Adapter.


The flexible options of the SERIFLEX pedicle screw system as screw/rod or screw/plate system enable the user to make a free decision regarding the correct combination for the respective indication and circumstances during the surgery.


The SERIFLEX Side Loading Systems range consists of screws and rods and covers any of the current sizes and functions. The implants and instruments are supplied in a non-sterile package and well-placed on the set.


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